What Do We Mean By "Support"?

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We'll be here to keep you up and running.

If SeekerWorks™ doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for us either. We partner with you in your Information Technology needs to make sure it gets used! Whatever your SeekerWorks™ problem, we'll be here to make sure you can continue managing your ministry information needs. Not only do we want to earn your license purchase, but we also want to earn your respect, renewal, and referals.

Support Agreement Pricing:

The number of SeekerWorks™ licenses you purchase determines the cost of your support. Each license has a $50 per year technical support renewal fee ($499 per year for a site license). When you first purchase a license for SeekerWorks™, you also get one year's worth of technical support with no extra charge. However, if you want to continue to use SeekerWorks™ and upgrade to each new release after the first year, you must renew your annual support.


$99 per computer!


($99 for the first year, $50 each year renewed)




(a site license for $699 for the first year, $499 each year renewed)




$149 per computer!


($149 for the first year, $149 each year renewed)


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